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Good working relationships are the key to high margins of profitability, efficiency and productivity. Industrial relations are regulated by the Labour Relations act and range from small disputes to complex dispute resolution processes, workplace CCMA or labour court inquiries. HR Connect deals extensively with conflict in organisations and can therefore assist in developing and strengthening relationships in your organisation. This can be on an individual or collective level, from facilitation or mediation of disputes to representation or chairing of disciplinary hearings. 


Industrial Relations Services:


  • Formulating company specific HR / IR policies and procedures

  • Advice on employment contracts and compliance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act / Bargaining Council and sectorial determination

  • Dispute and conflict management within the workplace

  • Internal dispute resolution on behalf of employers

  • Trade Union meetings and recognition agreements

  • Restructuring/Retrenchments

  • Advice on disciplinary procedures and dismissals

  • Chairing and conducting of disciplinary hearings

  • Labour litigation (CCMA / Bargaining Council)

  • Industrial Relations training in the workplace

  • Legislative Training for organised labour

  • General advice via email or telephone


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