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Improve credit health and achieve financial freedom through the “Becoming a Credit Mature Consumer”

e-learning course

With a declining economy, worldwide pandemic affecting job security and an abundance of credit offers from credit grantors, a large portion of South Africans including your employees find themselves over indebted mostly due to:

 􏰝 􏰔 􏰓 􏰐 􏰒 􏰇 􏰍 􏰗 􏰑 􏰌 􏰕 􏰒 􏰐 􏰗 􏰗 􏰈 􏰃 􏰔 􏰘 􏰜􏰛􏰗􏰑􏰈􏰗􏰕􏰂􏰗􏰈 􏰒􏰂􏰗􏰍 􏰝􏰔􏰘􏰗􏰉􏰜􏰗􏰘 􏰑􏰒􏰈􏰜􏰕􏰐 􏰘􏰇􏰗 􏰜􏰒􏰁

A lack of understanding of the impact of interest and repayment terms of credit agreements

Tempting telemarketing campaigns luring them into credit agreements for products like cellphones, furniture and TV’s

Pursuing above their means lifestyles having to fill the gap between income and expenses by credit products such as personal loans, credit cards etc.


The “Becoming a Credit Mature Consumer”

e-learning course was developed in collaboration with credit industry experts with over 17 years of credit experience and aims to equip South Africans to improve credit health and gain financial freedom. 


The "Becoming a Credit Mature Consumer" course consists

of four chapters that covers relevant credit topics including:




A general understanding of the credit industry: 

• What credit is and when to make use of credit ?

• Who governs credit?
• Who hosts credit data and have 
access to data? 


How your information is used by Credit Grantors: 

• Explains the sections of a typical credit report 

• Lists what a credit score is and how credit information is used by credit

   grantors to calculate a credit score 

• Explains how credit information will be used by credit grantors in future

   credit assessments


Overindebted consumers will learn: 

• How to compile an action plan that will put them on the path of credit


• The duration that negative information will be visible on a credit


• How they can calculate and negotiate reduced payment amounts with

   their creditors 


Budget and Debt Recovery Tools: 

The course includes two financial calculators as excel downloads 

• The Budget Calculator equips the consumer to draw up a budget and to

   assess for themselves whether they can afford any new credit products 

• The Debt Repayment Calculator assists the consumer to set up a

   financial recovery plan to recover from over indebtedness 

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Easy Access


The course is available in an e-learning format on an online platform and can be accessed through tablets, laptops, cell phones etc.

Customize the course to your company’s brand or adopt the course onto your own e-learning platform.

Each learner will receive a unique username and password to gain access to the course.

At the end of each chapter learning will be assessed through a list of questions to ensure learning takes place.

The "Becoming a Credit mature Consumer" course adds value across your business to:

1. Improve the credit health of existing staff. The course will equip staff with the knowledge to manage their credit and finances responsibly and invest in their future financial wellbeing

2. When offering a credit product to consumers allow them to access the course as part of the added value products to equip them to be good paying consumers

3. Offer the course to the credit declined population to equip them with the knowledge of how to improve their credit health and become good loyal future customers

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To view a sample of the course or discuss adoption of the course please contact:

Christelle Rall | Sales


 082 800 1894

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